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Lorlett Hudson

One Hand Cant Clap

Lorlett Hudson FRSA is the Founder and CEO of One Hand Cant Clap one of the UK leading Learning and development company. Set up in 2000 to facilitate inclusive leadership development, challenging existing ways of thinking, improve productivity in the workplace and schools.
She is recognised as a multi-award winning entrepreneur, Inventor, Executive Leadership/Transition Coach, an International Speaker and a trainer on a mission to support her clients achieve their goals and solve their problems. She worked mainly with Senior African Caribbean professionals, and entrepreneurs to increase their reputation as a leader, develop their ability to influence others and fully engage their teams to deliver impactful results

She is the inventor of the critically acclaimed “Things Mama Used To Say”, a 52 card box set of Jamaican/Caribbean proverbs to facilitate change management, build inclusive leaders, diversity, Inclusion, culture humility, and develop high performing teams. Over 21,000 copies sold. She also created the annual ‘Common Ties’ event in its 13th year that brings over 200 people annually together to share lived experiences and celebrate African Caribbean cultural pride and resilience.
Another one of her ventures is the upcoming 7 days Vision Quests’’ retreat at New England Private Estate in Jamaica due to start October 2022. This retreat is for creatives to get more clear on their vision, than they have ever been about who they are and what they are really here to do in their next phase of life.

Her pioneering approach to entrepreneurship has resulted in her winning the Silver Award of the prestigious British Female Inventors & Innovators Awards, Wavemakers National Awards, a runner up in the National Training Awards and also a Member of Courvoisier The Future 500 top talents in the UK, and recently the GLE Enterprise award.
All of this has been in recognition of her innovative action-oriented coaching that have transformed the productivity, effectiveness, leadership and quality of life for many individuals and organisations.

She is a RSA Fellow with a network of 29,000 Fellows who want to change the world for the better. In 1754, The RSA was founded by a group of like-minded individuals to transform the world. We believe that when people come together, the possibilities are endless. She is a Cherie Blair Business Mentor and Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean Business Mentor.
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