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I am not a front of house person

You would usually find me in the background quietly doing my thing and I don’t like public speaking. I did consider doing by first video post, but I will save this for another day. 

Although 2022 has only just started I know that it will be my amazing year of firsts.   

I did my first radio interview on 7th January with the fantastic DJ Gospel Kid on his Hot Reggae Drive-time show at http://www.vibesfm.net/ – that very same day just happened to be my birthday. I was so nervous, but it felt good to talk about something that I love, to share my passions with others and DJ Gospel Kid made that process easy and for this I want to thank him.  There is one other person I would like to thank also and that is Terry Don, without him I would not have had the opportunity to be on air, Terry made that happen.  I have never met DJ Gospel Kid nor Terry Don however I hope to thank both in person very soon. The support of community is so important and Vibes FM is one of the major radio stations at the heart of the Black Community giving people like me a voice.

I had my second radio interview on 10 January this time on https://kbitplay.com/ with DJ Mr P on his My Marvellous Mondays show, where I got to share with his listeners a little about me and my family and of course, we talked about Event Connoisseurs upcoming events.  Thank you, Mr P, for giving me this opportunity. 

I look forward to returning to both Kbit Play and Vibes FM.

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