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Emancipation Remembrance Day UK
Remembrance and celebration of the abolishment of slavery

Emancipation Remembrance Day UK aims to establish a tradition of remembrance and celebration that will allow us to learn about our past and raise awareness of Black History and Heritage (customs, tradition and legacy); through talks, displays and discussion informing the current and future generations, so that history will not be repeated

S.O.C Annual Ball

Sat 4th June 2022

Spirit of the caribbean

Emancipation Day

Sun 7th August 2022

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Caribbean Culture Collective

13th Oct 2023


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Do you remember the last time you attended an event that was so inspirational and exceptional that it left a mark on your memory weeks, months and even years later?

As the Founder of Event Connoisseurs, my mission is to recreate this experience for you every time you attend one of our events.

Event Connoisseurs exists to showcase the best of the Caribbean to a UK audience, and to celebrate, preserve and grow our rich culture and heritage through a series of annual and biennial events that will inspire harmony, trust, creativity, respect and understanding within our community and beyond.