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I am so blessed to be the CEO of One Love Syndicate CIC and experience my dreams, aspirations and passion for serving the community transpire into reality.

As a father to a young black son I wanted to do something that would both have an inspiring and collective turnaround in communities far and wide within the UK, concentrating in particular on our young people, At the same time I wanted to be in a position to offer rewards to the wider community as a whole which would increase overall community wealth and create a reciprocal financial loop that would be fed back into the community, creating a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Creating One Love lottery was a way of getting the community to invest in themselves allowing all funds generated to go towards developmental programmes and initiatives for our youth.

I have previously worked in video production ,as a photographer, managed new vocal artists and produced my own stage play which aired at the Nottingham Playhouse and Catford Theatre, thus opening up channels for me to meet and network with mainstream artists and producers.

I am incredibly thankful to see my vision come to life and I look forward to best serving my community and working beside mutual entities and persons of whom have demonstrated visible outreach capacities re: making positive long lasting, tangible differences.

It is my sincere intention to really make a difference, so I say, let’s do something positive for our youths in the community and increase our community wealth.