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Dr Carole Nicholson

Dr Carole Nicholson is currently Principal at Syon Manor College for (ASD) students. Her work focuses specifically on Special Educational Needs (SEND). With international global experience within the USA and Canada her work is concerned with the personal, social and emotional development of education and care of all SEND students across the curriculum. In her career she has held various Headship roles and was a lecturer at St Mary’s University in London.

Carole holds a BSc Hons degree in Social Science, Postgraduate Diploma in Psychoanalytical Studies at University of London, PGCE Teacher and Lecturer of Psychology, MA, Group Psychotherapy and PHD in Psychotherapy and Education from University of Birmingham.

Her background includes: Educational Consultancy, Headteacher, Trainer, Special Educational Needs Coordinator specialising in Behaviour Management. In addition, she is a Psychotherapist/Counsellor with over 20 years’ experience and expertise in pastoral casework. Her expanse includes: leading and directing the finite educational lifecycle programmes of residential care homes through to the seamless establishment and management of therapeutic SEMH/BESD schools and originator of bespoke educational training curriculum.

She is a mentor and a mother of two girls who are both 15 and 19 years old respectively.

In widening participation, her other extensive roles include, Consultation and serving as a Board Member for Dunn, Pierre Barnett and Co, Canada Ltd. Carole is also Vice-Chair for Jamaica Education Taskforce UK (JETUK), the leading organisation in UK, that partners with the Ministry Of Education, Youth & Information (MOEYI), Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade (MFAFT), National Education Trust (NET) and is the Coordinator for Special Educational Needs that supports Education in Jamaica.

As a volunteer, Carole works with VITAL EET Supplementary School in providing counseling support to women and families within the community, through the running of workshops for parental groups.

Carole has worked as a Consultant with other professionals on the St Lucia Psychosocial Project, to raise the achievements of boys and girls, as well as worked on the Boys to Men programme.

In her spare time, her hobbies include: Writing Poetry, Jet Skiing, Combat Training, Boxing, running Half Marathon, Ice Skating, is a Master Swimmer and enjoys cooking.

She is a Public Speaker that has spoken and made presentations at various events.

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