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October 2024


6:30 pm - 2:30 am


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Spirit of the Caribbean Annual Ball 2024

Black Honour Awards Nomination Form
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Rooted in our vibrant culture and shared values of the Caribbean, the Spirit of the Caribbean Annual Ball, combined with the esteemed Black Honour Awards, promises a gathering of like-minded individuals.

The location is yet to be confirmed, however this will be held in London.

This event promises an elegant three-course meal, captivating entertainment, and unexpected delights, positioning it as the unmissable social gathering of 2024.

The Awards serve as a retrospective, acknowledging past achievements and setting the groundwork for future endeavors. We all know someone who touches our hearts and makes the world a brighter place, especially within our cherished Caribbean community. This is your chance to honour those extraordinary individuals or organisations who are making a real difference. Reflect on those around you and take this moment to express your deepest gratitude by nominating them. This act of recognition is a small gesture that can have a huge impact.

The Spirit of the Caribbean Annual Ball plays a crucial role in our fundraising efforts, aiding the progression of our trio of events, including the complimentary community occasion, Emancipation Remembrance Day UK.

So, how do we encapsulate the Spirit of the Caribbean? It’s a blend of our rich culture, warm hospitality, unwavering resilience, and inventive spirit!.

Black Honour Awards
Nominations Open

A new edition to the UK social calendar highlighting Caribbean culture and heritage by honouring the best of the Caribbean in the UK.

Back for a second year, this is your opportunity to show recognition and pay tribute to the outstanding contribution and excellent work conducted by members of our community daily. The Awards will reflect and celebrate members of the UK Caribbean community achievement providing a platform for winners and nominees to share their stories. The awards will take place as part of the second Spirit of the Caribbean Annual Ball in October 2024.

The Rules

Nominations for the Black Honour Awards (part of the Spirit of the Caribbean Annual Ball) are subject to the following rules.

  • Anyone can nominate an outstanding individual or organisation – self nomination is not encouraged.
  • All nominations will be reviewed and judged by a panel of judges.
  • Nominations must include as much information as possible about the individual or organisation and where possible, supporting documents should be uploaded as judges will be looking for examples of nominees’ impact.
  • Nominations are submitted via online application by the closing date of 31st May 2024 (23.59pm).
  • Please inform nominees that you are making a nomination and check that they would be happy for their nomination and the outcome to be published. This might include articles in the local media, One Caribbean Magazine, and social media. Note: only shortlisted candidate’s profiles will be published.
  • Entries must adhere with the strict word limit of three hundred words as specified on the form. Any wording over and above this will be cut off and not considered by the shortlisting and judging panel.
  • Entries cannot be accepted or amended after the deadline has passed.
  • The same entry cannot be submitted for more than one category.
  • If the judging panel determines that an entry submitted for one category is of greater relevance to another category, we reserve the right to re-categorise that entry. You will be informed.
  • Event Connoisseurs reserves the right to withdraw incomplete entries.
  • All shortlisted nominees must supply a photograph for use at the awards ceremony and for publicity and promotion of the event, this includes future events.
  • The contact details contained in entries will not be shared outside Event Connoisseurs. They are for the specific purposes of arrangements for the awards.
  • Details of all shortlisted candidates will be published on Event Connoisseurs website, One Caribbean Magazine, social and local media, along with photographs taken at the awards ceremony.
  • All shortlisted nominees will be invited to the Spirit of the Caribbean Annual Ball in London (October 2024), where the winners will be announced. All finalists will be acknowledged on the night and winners will receive trophies.
  • All unsuccessful nominees will be informed prior to event date.
  • The Judging Panel decision is final.

Further information

For further information about the Spirit of the Caribbean Annual Ball and Black Honour Awards 2024, please contact us at: [email protected]

Nominations Closed

Exceptional contribution to Caribbean culture in the UK
The Caribbean is a cultural entity with a unique identity. Caribbean culture embodies the artistic, musical, literary, culinary, political, and social elements that are representative of our people. This award category will highlight an individual or organisation that has positively benefited the Caribbean diaspora in the UK through one of these forms.
Outstanding personal achievement
This award will be given to an individual who has illustrated personal strength, who has overcome adversity, who has been disadvantage yet through it all have overcome the odds to become the pillar of society they are today.
Innovative Black owned business or brand
Making the most profound impact on both industry and culture; to deliver, create, and capture value. Innovation, at its most basic, is finding a different and better way to solve problems. This award will be given to a company or brand that has created a better way to solve an existing problem.
Community Development Legacy Award
The things we leave behind… how has our community changed in a positive way; have we inspired others to build on our legacy; have/are we making our community a better place for future generations? Living of dead has this individual or organisation made a positive impact for change and development within the Caribbean community; what is their legacy and how is this maintained?
Friend of the Caribbean
This award is for a non-Caribbean group or organisation that work to improve and promote the development of the Caribbean region, its people and those of Caribbean descent living in the UK. This can be through trade and investment or by supporting organisations and/or individuals to achieve their desired goal.
NHS Hero(s)
Are you an NHS worker (clinical and non-clinical) of Caribbean Heritage? This aware will go to a health worker or team (clinical or non-clinical) who demonstrates an impressive service record for health provision while working hard to advance valuable knowledge and practices. An individual or team that have delivered exceptional care whilst being inclusive and compassionate. Using their knowledge and skills for the benefit and improvement of services and patient care.
Creative Industries!

This award covers a range of industries all under the banner of ‘Creative’ (includes advertising, architecture, visual arts, craft, fashion, and textiles,
performing arts, music, photography, film and video, radio and tv) from across the UK Caribbean community. Nominee work should demonstrate
excellence of craft, uniqueness of vision as well as impact within their chosen genre.
Specific background information on what the nominee has brought to the table will be key to helping the panel of judges reach a decision. A successful submission will include examples of the nominated candidate work.

Rising Star
The Rising Star Award will be presented to an individual who has shown exceptional promise and made a significant impact. The individual will have spent less than 3 years working in a Caribbean focused industry. The winner will have not yet reached a senior level position but be on track to do so. This person is recognised by others as having the potential to become a future leader; someone who is or who has the potential to be a role model in their business or sector.
Local Legends
We all know someone who works tireless for the good of our Caribbean community without pay or recognition. Our Local Legend award is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate that special someone. People of any age can be nominated for this award.

Meet the Black Honour Awards 2024 Judges
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