Event Connoisseurs

Anthony Kelly

British born Tony Kelly was raised in Jamaica and returned to England in 1979 living in Birmingham with his family ever since.  As a Mico Teachers’ College graduate he taught English & […]

Black Heritage Walks Network

Black Heritage Walks Network Black Heritage Walks Network CIC was established in 2018 to champion the heritage of post war migrants in Birmingham and their vibrant heritage. The project started […]

Montana Leahy

Montana Leahy My name is Montana Leahy; I was born and raised in South London. I am 26 years old, a mother to one son, and a proud business owner […]

2022 Shortlist

BLACK HONOUR AWARDS 2022 SHORTLIST Exceptional contribution to Caribbean Culture in the UK Tony Fairweather CEO Fairweather Productions The Windrush Collection About Tony Fairweather Vincent M John About Vincent M […]

Elizabeth Flanders

Elizabeth Flanders My name is Elizabeth Flanders, Founder at Event Connoisseurs.  I started this business because I could not find any Caribbean focused events that remembered our culture and heritage […]

Vincent M John

Vincent M John My Origins: I was born on the “Nature Island of the Caribbean“, Dominica where my formative years were nurtured by the beautiful natural environment which embedded a […]

Sanchia Alasia

Sanchia Alasia Sanchia Alasia a multi-award-winning specialist in equality diversity and human resources and has over 15 years’ experience of working in this field across the public sector. She has […]

Cosmo Morgan

Cosmo Morgan I am so blessed to be the CEO of One Love Syndicate CIC and experience my dreams, aspirations and passion for serving the community transpire into reality. As […]

Claude Fisher Sylvester

Claude Fisher Sylvester I was born in Grenada in the mid-1950s in the village of Grenville Vale, St George. My parents emigrated to The UK when I was very young; […]

Harvel Mattison

Harvel Mattison Nominated by Asiah Samuels-Baxter who wrote the following:Harvel Mattison has worked with the Citizens Advice Bureau Service as a Manager for almost 30 years working with people from […]